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Fast , hands on experience . Flexible hours .

Ram Salazar

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Houston Trade Training has been having HVAC classes since 2012, and we’d like to hear what our students have to say about the school.

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This class is amazing !!!! I knew nothing about hvac now im confident I can do a full installs

Raul Garza

Great hands on training

Ahmad Gray

The best thing I choose.!


Great hands on training


Was unsure about what to do in my life unroll I found Houston trade training... the best thing I done

Aaron Hulett



Really enjoyed study , hand on everyday, Romeo the trainer he is awesome,

Savon sok
Houston trade training

Best return on investment in yourself

Walking away from this class I'm confident I can handle the task ahead. If your a quick learner and ready to learn....bring it time here

Corey Winne


Great hands on class


Very very great place to learn fast
Nice instructors and good classmates

Cheick ouattara

great fast learning school

learned so much, the teachers are amazing and help you with hands on trainging all the way through.

Francisco Tristan

Money well spent...straightforward training...

John Winne

Good class sessions, a lot of hands on training.

Miguel S Cuellar
Carriage inn

Best class

Love the class I’m glad i came out to it

Howard bellamy

Great class


Great school

Terrelle Ellis
13501 Hooper

Best decision I made

The class is prefect covers everything to become a Hvac Tech.

William Lance Little

Great class!!!

Joseph hawkins

excellent teachers and hand on classes very useful in future career

Ronghe yan

I like class , it was very enjoyable

Nameer Al-janabi

Great class

Amazing career for a great price. The staff was helpful and they even help you get a job afterwards.

Troy C. Church

Fast paced lots of great hands on

The best hands on class in Houston tx
Fast paced and easy to learn system

Cant say enogh great things about there instructors
Very well versed in hvac

Just over all great Class

george leontoudis

Best hvac Training out there

Very hands on Training and troubleshooting instructors extremely helpful answered all questions I had even if I was a little confused instructors went back and went over what I needed help on went over the EPA test and it definitely helped out would definitely recommend Houston Trade Training

Great class

Started with not knowing about the class learn alot


Great school,great teachers. You will learn it's easy give it a try. Thanks to this i might get a better future and do well in life. It's an opportunity strongly suggested.

Raul lopez

This school is awesome, the teachers are really cool and answer any questions that you have. Everything is hands on and understanding.

Norlin Salmeron

Great hands on training, Chris and Alex are very knowledable and a huge help when going through each class.
If you need extra help they will go out of their way to help you!

Gabriel Pruneda

Money well spent

I learned a lot about HVAC. The instructor was very professional and welcomed questions.

Waseem Ibrahim

Very fast and hands on

Hvac learning was pretty fast and hands on from day one.

Houston Trade Training

Great expirience , defenetly worth the time and money.

Julio ramirez

Great school learned a lot in a short period of time really recommend this class.

Raul lopez

Great school

LeeQuinton Anderson

Class easy and simple

Robert Rojas

Great class

Great for hands on training. Make epa test easy

William D Patterson

Amazing learning experience, great hands on training! 10/10

Saul Lopez

Provided a great learning environment with lots of great hands on training. 10/10

Saul Lopez

Educative, understanding, Good pace

The class at Houston Trade Training in the beginning I thought that it was not true that we would learn what we needed in the short 5 weeks. But oh was I wrong. The instructors are amazing at teaching you the material. You will learn a lot everyday and it will stay in your noggin.

Ludwin A. Lopez
Houston Trade Training

Excellent training sxhool

Binh Nguyen
Houston trade training

Good training ,good teacher I would recommend anyone to come to this school.

Quoc Nguyen
Houston trade training

Good school

Michael Brown Sr

Very educational

Came in not knowing a b**** a** thing about air conditioning, but my boy Chris had alot of knowledge and knew how to explain everything with great manner. I really enjoyed the hands on training, classes, and the study guides, everything was straight foward. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a change in their lifes, now im really looking foward to getting a job in the HVAC field.

Javier Aguirre

Great class! Instructors really know there stuff

David armenta

This was a great experience for me I learned a lot in 5weeks

Michael Brown

Very fast and easy, I loved taking the class. An experience I will definitely recommend to my friends and family. Worth all the hours and money I put into it

Noah Harris

HTT HVAC class was great. I really enjoyed all the hands on instruction and training that I received. Learning the manuals, code and procedures was easier than anticipated as well. I will absolutely recommend this class to my friends and family.

Juan Garcia

Very hands on and fun environment. Enjoyed the teaching and came out ready to hit the field.. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get into the field of becoming an Hvac technician.

Evan R Torres

Excellent company

Me siento muy SORPRENDIENDO por todo lo que eh a prendido y dando gracias a DIOS POR todos estos momentos

Rafael Martinez

Very well taught and they walk you through
Step by step.

Rafael Diaz

Separation plate

Good company

Bruce Rogers


Good hands on training.veryl knowledgeable instructors.

sergio puga

Instructores muy capases compañeros muy amigables en realidad ha sido un tiempo bien aprovechado. Entre sin saber nada. Pude alcanzar un excelente nivel de aprendizaje.

Floresmindo Romero

Great class, learned alot. Really recommend people to come and take it.

Rene jade cuellar

Best school ever damn good

Bruce Rogers

Buena escuela , en este curso me siento preparado para trabajar ya en los aires acondicionados, tanto intalarlos como reparaciones

Jorge Miguel Molina

A great course at a great value. Hands on training, flexible schedule. Ready to start my new career.

Guadalupe Torres

Para mí Houston Trade Training a sido muy bueno así tengo una carrera para tener un buen trabajo
Lo recomiendo q es excelente

Lenard Ruiz
Cool morning

Awesome class broke down everything real easy

Jose cervantes

Amazing school

Prestige Worldwide 1


This class is very nice and easy hands on and breaks down everything you need to know and understand about hvac work I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to go into the hvac profession

Great class great teachers very hands on awesome experience!!


It's a good school I recommended to anybody

Ali Almosuli

This class was interesting and fun. This is a hands on class. We were trouble shooting equipment during several classes

Mark Blakelock

Great place to learn Hvac Training

I attended the 5 week course it was very educational. The 2 days of class was more than enough time to learn Hvac skills and the tools for the trade. Chris the instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful when teaching the course. I would recommend this school for anyone.

Well paced and professional instruction.

I almost went to the local community college. I'm glad I went to Houston trade training. I've already been able to trouble shoot systems and I haven't even taken the test yet. Because the instructors take the time and encourage answering all the questions we have, I've come out of this program confident in a field I have never studied before. I've already recommended this to a friend of mine. Now it's time to get to work in my new trade!

Mack Joseph Lou Harris III

Great school with knowledgeable instructors

Johnny Phomphakdy

Good company good info

Cameron Dirden

Friendly and helpful staff . Will definitely recommend friends and family


Great Course

Great hands on work , made class fun to come to. Time make this money.

Houston Trade Training

Alot of hands on

Gustavo lopez

Great class learn alot in a short time.

That Tran

Life Changing Decision

I have been looking for a change in career and figured a trade school was the way to go. Hvac trade seemed like the best way to go but never had time to join a school because I cannot afford 9 months of my life. Houston Trade Training was fast and to the point. We were working on the system the 2nd day. By the first day we knew the whole cycle and components. By the last day l am ready and confident to work on the unit. Thanks to the instructors this was easy to understand. I have 2 new job offers and l haven't graduated yet.
Best decision l have ever made.


I feel like I gained plenty of useful information from the instructors and class itself that with benefit me going forward on my HVAC career.

Mark Hunt

Great school great teachers real hands on school thanks for everything

Florencio chavez

Easy to learn

Lots of hands on. Know how to teach and worth the money ready for the field

Ruben alcaraz

Great class with amazing instructors. Always hands on training. You will learn how to be an AC technician

Marcus dillman
Houston trade training

I learned a lot of from this school about Hvac. Good instructors help me understand about a/c and heater. Highly refer this school to who looking for a good career.

Hai vu

Great company nice to work for

Randolph scott

Learn hvac

Antony Kuon

It's a wonderful trade to get into and a great opportunity.

Joshua Jones


This is a great class had no prior knowledge in hvac coming out red

Tony kuon

Great class I learn a lot here would recommend to anyone.

Terry Bell

Had a great time in class and learned a lot. Never thought I would gain as much knowledge as I did in only 8 weeks. This opportunity is one of a kind and I'm glad I took it.

Jonathan Morrissette

Great school hands down look no further, pros, great price, different times to take the class great people, teachers keep you on focus, an they are very knowledgeable of there information great school

Arden Breaux

Great place to learn ..very helpful

Eugene Kuykendall

Great school, learned alot the first day of class. Will work with you on financial situation. Alex and Sam are great teachers. Highly recommend

Damien Day


Great class, most hands on class that I've taken. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Alex and team!


Great Place to learn

It was a good experience and I met good people....its worth the money. Thanks Houston trade

Benson Olamigoke

Learn so much in a short time the teacher were awesome csnt eait to be in the field


Awesome classes....Great instructors, variety of hands on learning. Best of the best. Thanks.

Lupe Santana

Great place for learning hvac. Highly recommended

Vu Nguyen


This was a great school . Alex and Sam are class acts . The school will prepare you for the Ac world .

Thanks a lot Houston Trade School

John m

I think this is good class for the money. 27 hours class is a bonus. I am brand new to Hvac materials and I have learned a lot. After graduating from this class I not sure if i am ready for a Hvac job but anyway I think my money and time are wisely used. The htt school team are great.

Tuan huynh

Real state

This class really helped me with by background of HVAC I feel like I learned a lot and ready to go show my skills out there to the world . This will help me in a long run because of the field I am in all we deal with is HVAC . THANKS HOUSTON TRADE TRAINING

William leal Rodriguez

Took the course and in only 5 weeks HTT taught me everything I needed to know in order to enter the field. Will be recommending to people I know.

Andrew Louis Jimenez

Great school

Best trade school training school

Jose Sanchez

Perfect class for those wanting to gain hands on experience and ready to get in the field asap. Would recommend.

Jimmy Castillo

Fast fun learning

Best place to get EPA certified for a low price. Great instructors and a great class. Worth the wait!

Eduardo Candanosa

Good people and a good learning environment. Chris was a great and had a lot of energy. I will be telling my people about this class.

Jose De Los Santos

Best HVAC school in houston!

I recommend this school to anyone interested in hvac. The teachers are very knowledgeable and the class focuses on real world hands on training.

Edward Lara

Great school for HVAC hands on training. Class hours are easy to work a schedule around.

Wesley aronson

Great Class

James Herron

Informative Class

I had a great experience taking this HVAC​ class. It was very informative.

Jonturius Moody

The class is the first class in hand on training

Quynh Le



I learned a lot great classes

Steven Sanders Sr
Houston trade training

I find it true that every student will be productive in this school theoritically and actual practical hands on learning.. I recommend HTT for everybody every age

Paul sabong

I just love the detail information that these instructors provided.

Quynh Lengoc

Nice people

All kinds of construction

Definitely recommended

Awesome class, actually learned a lot more than I expected and it's affordable.

Billy Carrillo

Great and fun class learned a lot
And economically affordable

Rigo Garcia

Great school affordable training great teachers

Enrique Martinez


HTT a great school very informative. I wouldn't have went anywhere else FYI the price is real
If you are looking to do HVAC work I would highly recommend this school

Benjamin josiah

Great class! I really enjoyed the hands on training!!

Trevor Baird

Best decision going into my 20's

This school is worth every penny, great teachers, always helpful and will answer all your question, hands on training with real A/C Units, everything you'll find in the field.

Danny Guijon

Great schooling great people!!!

Paul cox
Houston trade training

Great place for learning since day 1 u get hamds on.

jose gonzalez

Awsome trade highly recommend for a new career, affordable and fun while you learn


Los profesores son buena gente. Todos ayudan bastante.

Ariel Rodriguez
Yanmale TRC

Great school!

Great school with knowledgeable staff ! Hands on since day one!

Son Hoanh Le

Great school learned a lot
Short and to the point


Great School, Very Good Instructors

Great hands on training, very knowledgeable instructors.

Benjamin Chikwe

Las clases son muy buenas y aprendes todo en poco tiempo!!!


Very great school I loved it!!! Hands on... what is homework anyways??

randy rey

HVAC Class

Are you ready to make big money? This is the class to attend. It's affordable and extremely highly professional. I received all the information needed and was able to ask as many questions as needed. All were answered right away. I feel confident in all the work i do. Great instructors!

David Vasquez

Great, humble, to the point

Thanks for everything, glad I came. This school has some the best instructors ever. I better get a job lol, Thanks

Gerard franklin
Londyn Corp.

Great place to start you carrer.. A++++

Enrique caxaj

Great class learned a great deal in a short time

This is a great school.

Archie Aubrey

The class was awesome.....i strongly recommend this class to everyone that's looking to enter hvac...the instructors were great the hands on training was great..

Rene Quinones

Awesome hands on training from day one, anyone looking
For a career in HVAC industry , this is the place to start.
Absolutly worth your time and money, short comprehensive
Career building HVAC classes. All the staff and instruators are awesome and flexible. Icing on the cake they even help you find

Suleman Jan

Pressure washing & Parking lot striping

Great hands on training at HTT

Very good hands on Training.
The program is very affordable.
I recommend it to anyone.

Jimmy Smith

Great information 5 Stars

Class was very informative, hands on training. Jose is a great teacher with a lengthy background in HVAC. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone looking for a lifetime trade.

Edward Bennett

HVAC made Easy

Have fun in a class while in a very fast pace hands-on environment. Learned a lot and I really enjoyed it! Staff members are really involved with all students on a personal level and take great pride in how well they prepare you for the job market. Staff's knowledge is beyond textbook. Recommend to anyone ready to get into the HVAC field now.

LIonel Robertson
Robertson Realty Team

Amazing class with great instructors best choice I've ever made

Randy hersom

Great team ans great teachers. I feel very prepared to work with hvac.

Israel torres

Great scool

Great scool

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on school, come here you get certified in 5 weeks and start making good money

John Calderon
Turner Industries

The Company To Achieve & Learn The HVAc Control's

The School is exactly what you would expect. The instructors are very very educated and have no problem taking that extra step to make sure you understand. The school is no joke. 8 weeks ago I didn't know nothing. Today, I am extremely confident in getting into the field. !

John Anthony Vasquez
Hpiston Trade Training

You can't beat it. It's hands on from day one. The $899.00 is just an investment in yourself. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. They answer all your questions

Carlos Lozano

Great school

Hands on from day one. Instructors have a lot of experience. Highly Recommend!

Jose Cardenas

The best

—Great trade school! Short, fast, and to the point. Hands on from day one, with extremely informative and experienced staff. Would recommend to anyone...

meshach ugorji
Houston trade school

Very convenient, flexible and fast. Saturday classes were ok for me, too many students for one Instructor was the only downfall


Solid foundation for Hvac

Houston trade training provided me with a solid foundation and understanding in hvac. The first week I knew every component of the unit. This school is hands on from day one and the instructors ensure you get real world training.

Avery Beall
ASI Appliance

Great school
Affordable prices and great school to get universal licence

Hector gonzalez

Great school hands on training quick

Quang Hoang Le

It's a great easy class with a lot of detail of the HVAC game.

Christopher abbs

Very good school good training excellent instructors Alex, Chris and outstanding helpers very much worthy so if your looking for a excellent career in hvac-r htt is the place to be

Terrance colbert

A very interesting program; get straight into learning details for job training

Reginald W Colbert


Great hands I'm training for a real job

ricky serrano

Life changing


The school for me has been a life changing experience and I feel blessed to have it in my life.


Great hands on class from Alex and his team. They teach you exactly what you need to know.

Great class, the instructors were very knowledgeable and always answered questions..

Mitchell Dohogne

I enjoyed myself and as a woman I think I learned more then the males in my class! Great experience!

Catrina Dotson

Very fun experience fun class to be at hands on since day one

David ayala

Thanks for school, I have great time.


Great class hands on was right on point!!

Jonathon Runge

Great hands on teaching for easy learning. The knowledge of the instructors, help you fully understand the lessons and materials being taught

Kristopher Rumer

Great school

I love the experienced And knowledge I gained from the techs. Awesome school to learn about HVAC

Class was to the point and has hands-on training. Well worth it.

James Zhu

Greatest school

It was the best learning experience ever.... ***** Learn a lot with the best instructors....

Cuatemo Leon

Quality hands on training

Awesome staff!! Great price!! And no waiting 9 months for results!! I highly recommend it!!

James Denton

Everything was great!!!

Horacio leon

Great school, learned allot. Would recommend to anybody that's considering to attend this school.

Giovanny Escajeda

Great school good teachers would recommend it to anyone.

Pascual Gonzalez

Very hands-on training and very informative with great instructors.

Jeramael Alvarado

Thanks to this school I found my passion for something g I never thought I would do


Fun, Fast, Friendly!!!

Had a great time learning about HVAC systems. Max was a great instructor and Alex and Sam made the process smooth and effortless to get the training going.

Andrew Rodriguez

Thanks to this school I found my passion for something g I never thought I would do


it was fun and amazing will like to say it was a good idea

What I think about the company I can talk so much about it but that are hands on and they tell you as it is and give you a hand with so much if I had a problem with a ac they where there to
Help me put !!!

ruebn Gonzalez's
Houston trade training

Great Place to work, in the top of the very best places to work in property management

Great teaching on the spot. Lots of technical knowledge as well as years of combined experience.
Teachers were spot-on with everything and assisted everyone with any questions.
In-class disassemble and reassemble of components and well as showing use of tools and equipment.
Recommend for everyone who wants in the field. !

Richard Green
Campus Vue

The best trade training

This is hands down the best hands on training in the Houston area very affordable compare to other schools and you really get the training you need to go out on the field on the trade, they also get you epa certified

Joaquin Herrera
Houston trade training

Best A/C training in Houston

Thomas Dickey

this is the place you want to be for career !

I will like to thank all the people who work hard to have this
School because I had a fun time

Hands on training is great!! , the only problem was to many people in my class.

Vy nguyen

Great HVAC training school


A lot of hands-on practice that no other schools can compare with.



Good class I highly recommend to people.

Andres Barajas
Speedy High Tech

Houston trade training es una buena escuela, pues en poco tiempo puedes tener tu licencia para trabajar como tecnico en aire acondicionado

Zeferino Sanchez


Good class I highly recommend to people.

Andres Barajas
Speedy High Tech

Hands on first day. Great staff. Very informative and experienced in the field and have put me in the right direction to getting a career in the HVAC field

Zelmon Fairchild

Hvac class

Great class. Learned alot in a couple weeks. Instructor has alot of knowledge. Will recommend

Juan chavez

Great hands on. Fun class to be apart of

Antonio Corona

Great place to get hands on knowledge

Isaac RiosGarcia

Great school

Highly recommend. Hands on and makes it very understandable.

Antonio corona

Great HVAC training school


A lot of hands-on practice that no other schools can compare with.


Best HVAC learing experience I've had, all hands on, very detailed instructors.

Henry N

Great HVAC school. A lot of hands-on training. Experience instructor.

Cam Thai

great experience I learned a lot. Appreciate it.

Michael Ray jr

Great learning environment and GRE at teaching skills

Hands down one of the best schools I've been too. Hands on training ,step by step teaching of all you need to know.
Instructors made sure you learn on any and everything.
Highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to get their hvac license. 5 Stars 10/10 only good things to say Honestly!!!

Jamal Isis

Fun, Fast, Friendly!!!

Had a great time learning about HVAC systems. Max was a great instructor and Alex and Sam made the process smooth and effortless to get the training going.

Andrew Rodriguez


This class has surpassed any class that i have ever taken. This class is very hands on and is great.

junior wymore
wymore a/c

Great learning experience

What a feat learning experience. .very much hands-on learning techniques. ..!!!

Diego Ramirez
Intimate hone buyers, INC.

Great class . You will learn what you need to make a career.

Matthew hansen

Great class . You will learn what you need to make a career.

Matthew hansen

Great teacher


La mejor inversión es la educación. En Houston Trade Training entrenamiento real para trabajo real... Mil gracias por todo.

Blue stone

La clase es muy buena la recomiendo a todos

Armando alamos

Great school

Beto Montalvo

Great class! Hands on as soon as you walk thru the door. Very knowledgeable.

Christopher Arnsworth

Great school to came.

Carlos gallego

A good environment

It's a good place to learn a lot for a/c the teachers are fantastic you will learn a lot in this class

Warren Davidson

The training is comprehensive and worth more than the pay. The instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable

Kamorudeen salako

Great learning experience, would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a change. The whole staff is very involved with each individual and offer a great environment for anyone to grow.

Tien Nguyen

radiation (radiographer)

great school learned so much thank you every one at Houston Trade Training

armando vargas

Quality and affordable training in short time. Thank you HTT team.

Henry Sarcauga

This is a really great class. Very affordable. This class worked very well with my schedule and everything has been hands on since day 1!

Michael Witt

Lo mejor del curso es que te enfocan en la practica del dia a dia de un tecnico de HVAC, es decir que al finalizar las clases estas listo para el trabajo,

Alberto Leal

Stocking fish

I love it here and I will let everyone know how awsome this class is

Jose Sanchez
Lake pro

Hvac-learning made easy !!

Surprisingly ! I have learned so much at Houston Trade Training.
I didn't know what to expect and all my fears were put to rest.
They have a super great way of teaching hands on and making sure you leave with the best knowledge available. Max the instructor is very easy going and makes you feel right at home
And not at school. He's very thorough and teaches you what you need to know before you go into the real world of hvac.

Brian lee

Good school

Great teachers and class size. Just haven't found a job utilize all resources

Robert Garcia

these guys have a great school. Thanks for the hands on training.

Joshua Jordan

Hvac class #10

Hey Max,Alex,and Sam this is Mark I want to congratulate you guys a well taught Hvac class @ Houston Trade Training. Thank You!!!!

Mark Davis

Its a good hvac training school


Es algo facil y rapido lo que se aprende en esta clase estoy muy agradesido al ver encontrado,esta escuela tienen un personal super,atentos y listos para cualquier pregunta,el instructor,es super,y yo le recomendaria a cualquiera,estas clases

pedro juarez

nice guys. Got my EPA

Joshua Jordan

The HVAC class was very hands on training, the whole staff was helpful, the instructor was very knowledgeable about every question we asked. He explained to detail and made you do the work so you know how to fix it right the first time. I loved it and the great group of guys that was in the class.keep up the good job.

Steven Maiden

It's awesome !!

Houston trade training is an awesome program and they have the best techniques and skills to train u with.! its a great option and the best opportunity! Houston trade training.
Go with it !

I have in enjoyed this class. I have learned a lot about the hvac trade and what I was going to be doing hand on in the job site. Instructor very helpful patience.

Joe Acosta

Hands on experience and great teacher

Alfonso almanza

awesome short and to the point

This class was awesome the instructor was hands on and very knowledgeable in this field of work

joshua johnson

Great school hands on training good teachers.

Fredrick wade

Best choice of my life

This is a great place to learn everything you need to learn about HVAC classes are all hands on and the staff is very friendly and patient

Hector Alvarado

Great school hands on training good teachers.

Fredrick wade

Quick and easy, but learn a lot in the small time frame, I definitely will recommend it to anyone that wants to better their family and lives.

Johntanore Franklin

Hvac is the best class!!

ryan kristopher potter

Class was awesome and a lot of hands on.

Reginald Boston

Fast , hands on experience . Flexible hours .

Ram Salazar

great class good teachers and staff great oppurtunity to beter your life

Great class excellent people to learn from great staff and teachers

luis Gonzalez

the best school to go to for hvac!

calvin williams

excellent learning experience and affordble

the class was a excellent learning enviroment well taught and explained well. the instructors are very informative and easy to understand . they touch base on all parts of the job front start to finish . the class is affordable

joshua l. davis

Great investmeant, you learn the basics and hands on training.

Chris Toledo

Its best in Houston

Houston trade training is very helpful for me I am learning a lot and doing practical in every class that's very good to learn fast.I like HTT and recommend for better feature

Bilal rajpoot

Alex Sam and max are all great people with a great program going. I'm looking forward to attending the advance class.

Ellious Swanigan

I like the class, good instructor, easy to follow, high recommend.


Great class, hands on from day one.


Great class, hands on from day one.

james mcdaniel

Great class fun and exciting and learned a lot

Leonard coker

Great school

Jose Villafana

Alot of learning

Great school, learned alot

Chris Pena
Indoor air specialist

great hvac program , l learn a lot and feel ready to get a job in hvac universal technician grea teche.

Jose Rodriguez

Great hvac program which get people ready for a job with the knowledge and certification for epa universal licens.

Arturo Rodriguez

Hvac esbuena escuela

Efrain f gonzalez

Great place to get your HVAC licences..hands on classe will get ready to for the real deal..

Jorge A Rivas


Learn a lot while in a short period of time, staff was really helpful.
They answer every question you had. I recommend this school to everyone!!

Franklin Cruz

Great school to get HVAC certified

Jorge Rivas

The best school out there

I recommend Houston trade training to anyone who is looking for a career. It's hands on and it just takes 5 weeks yea 5 weeks and the instructor takes the time to make sure everyone is understanding and does it hands on. 5 🏅

Johnathan palomares

I like the class, i have learned alot, the teacher is very good,you wil be ready when you get out for a new career

Larnell Smith jr


Best experience ever. Small class with great hands on experience. Teachers is very knowledgeable of what they are teaching. Not a fly by night training class.

Steven Luera
Yukon Air

It is a great company. It lets people to learn with practice and theoric part.

Jairo Sánchez
Safety construction


The faster way to have the HVAC Course Certificatión and Get it the EPA Universal License.

Agustín Carrillo

Residencial & comercial wiring

Very Good Company, Growing & been in other city's such as Austin, San Antonio Schertz, & will be soon up in Dallas


Is Very Practical Course. For get IT the EPA Universal License. Thanks you.Houston Trade Training.

Agustín Carrillo

Fun and very enjoyable

Max is a very easy guy to understand. He makes it for everyone!

Ian rains

I highly recommend this hands on training school it has sharpen my skills in ac/heating career.And will definitely boost my pay scale $$$. and the instructors are exceptionaly on point. J.arevalo jr.

joaquin arevalo jrjj
Dr.AirCool AC/Heating

HTT graducition

muhamed drameh

I enjoyed the class and glad to get my EPA license great teachers.

Idalia Espinoza

Good faster way to earn your EPA licence

Glad I found this place to get my EPA licence., meet new people

Rolando Quintanilla

i enjoyed the class. i think i have achieved what i join the class for. i will recommend it go to this class and get ahead in life.

dinesh k patel

Houston trade training is a great opportunity for guy wanting to get in the field easy and fast. You learn all the things that you need to know to start up in the field for hvac. I believe that if you don't know what you want to do you should try it.

Christian Duncante
houston trade training

Houston trade training is a great opportunity for guy wanting to get in the field easy and fast. You learn all the things that you need to know to start up in the field for hvac. I believe that if you don't know what you want to do you should try it.

Christian Duncante
houston trade training

It is really great school, you can learn a lot by actual, they show everything you need to know and easy to understand. Great school.

Dennis Anzon

It's a great school. .....for real job.....!!!


hvac class at htt

would recommend this school to anyone interested in a career in hvac.very informative and hands on

glenn dolezal

The instructor's are serious about making you sure your comprehending every step and the procedure to what you should and need to know. I strongly recommend this course. Thanks

Lorenzo Friend

Really good vibe ,hands on learning fun &very helpful.

Felix hernandez

Really good vibe ,hands on learning fun &very helpful.

Felix hernandez

very great place

the instructor, management, class and name it, was indeed a wonder to behold.on point to put you in a new job. i recommend.

kelechi ibe

Ready to go!

Excellent training school,!! Get ready to work in just a few weeks! Thanks a lot!

Carlos padron
Sax Distributors

Awsome School

Great environment good teaching hands on training flexible hours day or night and quick to get your license.

Gerardo Lopez
Aldeia West Apartments

great class

class teacher was simply the best to get you going on this course.

Teimoko diarra

Really good school

I really enjoyed the environment of the class, the instructor went through all the lessons thoroughly and explained everything when asked. I learned everything I need to get into the field. Will definitely recommend people to take this class!

Orlando Benitez
Houston trade training

HTT Review

It is a great school. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to get A/C certification with affordable price and great instructors.

Alex Magallan

This school was literally a life changing place for me. I was worried that i was going to not understand anything they were saying and i would just flunk out. Thats not the case. Its an extraordinary place.

Joseph Peel
Houston Trade Training

I was so sceptical about another course of training and not seeing me going anywhere but I took a chance on Houston Trade Training and I must say this was the best thing I have done. This company of individuals will give you what your looking for if you need resources for a great career. I'm not trying to sell you something in trying to tell you something. Get on down to HTT and register for the HVAC course and become certified....

Larry McIntosh

Best HVAC school in houston!

Easy learning, good instructor, super low price than other schools by far the best school

Juan Bustos

Best learning experience I've ever had


When I first was inquiring about HVAC, I really want sure if this was something I could really do, I've never been big on going to school, but after enrolling I soon realized how great this opportunity was, not only did you provide us with all the material needed to complete this course, but the learning environmentwas excellent, I really enjoyed all the hands on training, but most of all with such a great instructor like Mr . Davis, the certified test was a piece of cake...I went from no job to my week schedule full of appointments. . Thank you Houston Trade Training you guys gave me an opportunity like no other.

Alex miranda

Good hvac school. Quicker than other schools.

I was in one of Houston Trade Trainings first classes at their location in the Gallery area. It was a good school then but I went to their job fair recently and they have grown alot. I learned alot when I went there over a year ago. And after looking at the price other schools charge for their hvac courses I'm glad I went to HTT!

Richard Vasquez